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well, here we go. i’m leaving in half an hour to the airport to fly to paris where i’ll be living for over 6 weeks. i’ll be with a french host girl, whose parents don’t speak a word of english. i am equal parts nervous as fuck and ecstatic. i also seem to have forgotten all the minimal french that i ever knew in the first place. wish me luck.


On my way to the airport, going to Venice (via Dubai for a bit) and then Paris for a school art trip fuck yeaaahh see you guys in 3 weeks!

i’m gonna fuck somebody up a snapchat of me got uploaded on one of those dumb “leaked snapchat” pages on facebook and i have a pretty good idea of who it is

i had my chemistry exam today and i swear, the temperature has dropped like a solid 20 degrees from yesterday + considering my school uniform feels like it’s made out of linen, i shit you not as i was walking to school i started getting frostbite on my lips and i did not regain feeling in my fingers until halfway through the exam this is bullshit

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i have started and finished 3 assignments today and i feel like an absolute machine but now i’ve hit a wall on my 4th assignment where i’m meant to be writing an article about gender/masculinityvsfeminity type stuff and i usually have so much to say but right now my mind is completely blank somebody hELP




when you clean your glasses it’s like switching from 240p to 720p 

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one of the worst moments in life is probably when you’re in a room full of people and you look around and see them all talking and laughing and all of sudden you feel so sad and lonely that you can even feel a physical pain in your chest because you realize that they all belong to someone and they all have someone who belongs to them and you don’t, you’re just kind of there

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i live opposite to a dormant volcano and up the road from a marina/wharf/beach that would fuck me over in a tsunami so i’ll be one of the first to go

2012 apocalypse i fucks wit u

i’ll keep all of you updated xoxox